Типы кабин машиниста.
TRACK-TYPE PIT-RUN EXCAVATORS EKG-5A under TU 3141-001-02270407-2014
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Types of operator’s compartment.

Today there are three different options of operator’s compartment design.
First type:

Second type:

Third type:

Let’s have a look on the third type of new design of the operator’s compartment produced by our company.

Main changes in the design of the operator’s compartment of EKG-5A excavator

  1. Design solutions, corresponding to the state-of-the-art level of pit-run excavators’ operator’s compartments of similar foreign equipment with regard to comfort and aesthetics of interior space, improving comfort of working conditions, and widening working observation area are used;
  2. Electrical circuit diagram and control device assembly are designed in order to ensure versatility  of the compartment, with regard to its capability to equip any control systems with electric drives (of any LVD);
  3. Compartment’s windows are made of multiple glass panes with filling (by inert gases), preventing condensation and icing of glasses at low ambient temperatures, and also providing good noise insulation. Multiple glass panes of the windows are made of the external thermal- and break-resistant heat-treated glass 10…14 mm thick and internal multilayer (triplex) one 8 mm thick, having break-through protection class R2A under GOST 30826-2001. The glass panes design ensures good thermal resistance at high ambient temperatures (slag loading), and additional safety for the operator in case some foreign objects strike window of the operator’s compartment;
  4. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC system), which automatically maintains internal temperature in the operator’s compartment within range +15°С to +23°С at ambient temperature – 45°С to +45°С is used. HVAC system has air amount and flow direction, heated floor’s, back wall’s, and suspended blowers’ temperature mechanical adjustment features;
  5. In order to decrease vibrations transmission to the casement of the compartment from turning platform of the excavator tem newly designed insulating supports are installed under the compartment basement;
  6. The compartment’s front window is equipped with windshield cleaner with window washer;
  7. Dust- and waterproof vibration-insulated LED searchlights manufactured by VISION (USA) with light emission 14,000 lumen are used as outdoor light fixture;
  8. Modern LED lights, also acting as emergency lights, are used for internal lighting. In case of power failure the said light can work during 6 hours due to integrated battery.
  9. The compartment is equipped with tip-up seat of  operator’s assistant manufactured by PILOT (Turkey);
  10. Internal facing of the compartment is made by aluminium composite plates with aluminium shaped racks.

Images of the operator’s compartment offered: