Типы применяемых систем управления электроприводами
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Types of the electric drive control systems used.

All electric drive control systems or low-voltage unit devices (LVD) can be classified into two categories. 

The first category of LVD of the “first generation” uses five-machined transforming unit (generator) and works under the principle “Generator – Motor” (G-M). 

The second category of LVD of the “second generation” does not use generator and works either under the principle “Transistor Transducer – Motor” (TrT-M) or “Tiristor Transducer – Motor” (TT-M), according to the base used. The LVDs of the “second generation”, as for their manufacturers, increase quality of electric drive control greatly, and, what is essential for a consumer, lower weight average consumption of electric power almost twice in relation to weight average consumption of electric power when excavator operates with conventional G-M system of the “first generation”. 

Further all manufacturing companies and types of their electric drive control systems are listed. 

CJSC “Robitex”, web-site: www.robiteks.ru (Yekaterinburg).
The LVD of NKUE-3 with G-M system;
The LVD of NKUE-3S with TrT-M system. OJSC “RUDOAVTOMATIKA”, web-site: www.rudoavtomatika.ru (Zheleznogorsk). The LVD of NKU-EG-RC with G-M system;
The LVD of KER-05 with TT-M system. CJSC “OBNINSKAYA ENERGOTECHNOLOGICHESKAYA KOMPANIYA”, web-site: www.oetc.ru (Obninsk).
The LVD of KUE-3-02 “CARIER” with G-M system. OJSC “OB’EDINENNAYA ENERGIYA» COMPANY, web-site: www.jpc.ru (Moscow) The LVD under TU 3432-040-11392262-2003 with TrT-M system. 

 Modern digital systems of electric drive control produced with the state-of-the-art element base, each containing original technical know-how’s of their manufacturers, are listed above. All systems are equipped with modern operator’s control chair based on Geman GRAMMER chairs, etc. We recommend considering the most common, but pretty out-of-date analogue electric drive control system using magnetic amplifiers of KUE-2U2 type under G-M system, produced by a number of manufacturers. This system entered into equipment of all serial excavators, produced before 2000, i.e. at least 90% of the entire number of machines being in operation today. The system is simple, repairable, time-proven, and, thus, in our opinion, is preferable for heavy-duty operation (for example, in metallurgical enterprises in slag loading).