Информационная система
TRACK-TYPE PIT-RUN EXCAVATORS EKG-5A under TU 3141-001-02270407-2014
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Informational system

Operator’s workplace is equipped with touchscreen display, helping to visualise controlled parameters (of units and mechanisms) and video signal from industrial video cameras.

Main features:

1.       Control of the temperature of units and mechanisms.
2.       Control of the technological media levels.
3.       Video surveillance.
4.       Recording and storage of controlled parameters.


1.       Units and mechanisms failure prevention due to timely detection of reasons of overheat and lowering of working media.
2.       Ability to perform diagnostics and determination of emergency cases causes due to analysis of stored data of the controlled parameters.
3.       Provision of additional operation safety due to visual control of engine compartment and poorly visible areas by the operator.
4.       Visual control of the bucket’s teeth condition.
5.       Touchscreen panel of the display provides essential working convenience.
6.       Assembling easiness with minimum wiring due to wireless transmission of controlled parameters data.

The informational system is designed by OJSC “Rudoavtomatika”(www.rudoavtomatika.ru)  and has been installed to a number of excavators during their modernization.

If you decide to equip your excavator with the informational system of new generation, it is necessary to include temperature sensors to the design of electric motors by the manufacturer in order to preserve warranty obligations of the parts suppliers.

Our company offers to supply (retrofit) excavator with optional informational system.