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TRACK-TYPE PIT-RUN EXCAVATORS EKG-5A under TU 3141-001-02270407-2014
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Bucket manufactured by the ESCO corporation

Equipping your excavators with ESCO buckets you will increase their performance and reduce operational costs. Performance comparison and most significant advantages of the ESCO bucket are specified in the Table below.

Existing bucket of EKG-5A

ESCO offer


Manganese steel bucket  - Front wall made of manganese steel – rear wall made of cast steel – pin fixture of bottom hinges caused by low reliability of brake mechanism – bolt fixture of teeth at the bucket.

ProductionMasterTM - rolled 23Т steel with cast inserts – lightweight design – Adapters are welded to the lip. – The lip and lateral ends are wear-protected by coating. – The bucket bottom and fixation mechanism hole are wear-protected, too.

- Reduced weight (by 15-20%), allowing increase the bucket capacity. – More accurate fixation of a tooth to a bucket – reduction of tooth loss risk. – Better repairability – worn coating is replaced; the front wall serves much longer.

Manganese steel lip - Yield point stress is 3850 kg/cm2. – Thickness is 120 mm.

Т1 sheet lip - Yield point stress is 7000 kg/cm2. – Thickness is 90 mm.

- higher strength more reliable in operation. – Thinner cross-section enables more easy burial into a rock. – Repair is more simple

Manganese steel serial (one-piece) tooth – Hardness is 200 Brinell units (BHN). – Low abrasion resistance – Time to replace teeth set is 1+ hour, hammer and welding needed. – Used part of the tooth material is 29%. – Disposed part is 71%. – Initial weight is 125-130 kg.


2-part system (SV2) – caps hardness (all section) – up to 550 BHN. – High abrasion resistance. - Time to replace teeth set is 5 minutes (25 minutes in case of icing), hammer not needed. - Used part of the tooth cap material is 75%. - Disposed part is 25%. - Initial weight is 3 – 4 times lower than the one of single-piece tooth. – It is allowed to choose a cap in accordance to excavation conditions (for mine face).

- Higher operation life, less frequent replacement. – Quick replacement reduction of out-of-service time. – Specific costs for 1 м3 are much lower. - Thinner tooth enables more easy burial into a rock. – Lower tooth weight ensures less risk of injure while its replacement.

Our company offers to supply excavator with a bucket, equipped with this optional wear protection system