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The pictures show constituent parts of the tooth and an assembled tooth of SV2 system. Adapters for these teeth are installed to a bucket with bolting – similarly to our common serial (one-piece) ones.


Advantages of SV2 bucket teeth

1. Serial teeth, used at an excavator, are working until 25-30% of their initial mass is worn; approximately 70% or more of their mass is subject to disposal.

2. SV2 ESCO tooth cap (head) has extremely high wear resistance (hardness is НВ 550) and high material utilization rate – up to 75% (only 25% is disposed).

3. Adapter doesn’t need to be replaced frequently – it can withstand several replacements of caps (up to 6-10 ones and more, depending on the working conditions).

4. Adapters have additional protection provided by wear-resistant covers (plugs), which lengthen their working life even more.

5. During operation you generally bear only costs, related with caps replacement – adapters need replacement extremely rarely.

6. Caps replacement is quick, simple, and safe – no need in hammers. Special tool is used for assembling and disassembling.

7. Performance increase and significant reduction in excavation specific costs. 

Our company offers to supply excavator with a bucket, equipped with this teeth system.