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TRACK-TYPE PIT-RUN EXCAVATORS EKG-5A under TU 3141-001-02270407-2014
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Excavator automatic centralized lubrication system (ACL)

ACL system was designed long time ago and is included into base case large machines (EKG-12, EKG-18 etc.).

ACL system is designed for:
- Automatic thick-layer lubrication of friction units of the turning platform, jib, and in carrier of the excavator;
- Automatic lubrication of exposed gears of turning mechanism, cremaillere gears and sliders of crowding rack, rails of the supporting and turning mechanism (STM);
- For semi-automatic lubrication of friction units with grease gun.

Base case system of ACL includes five circuits of automatic lubrication and one circuit of semi-automatic lubrication:
- circuit of automatic lubrication of exposed gears of hoisting winch, turning crown gear unit, rolling surfaces of rail circles and rolling surfaces of STM rollers;
- circuit of automatic lubrication of exposed gears of crowding rack gearbox;
- circuit of automatic lubrication of turning platform mechanisms bearings (bearings of double-support rack pulleys, hoisting winch gearbox, drum drive, turning gearboxes, current-collecting gear drive bushing);
- circuit of automatic lubrication of working equipment mechanisms (crowding shaft bearings, central drive shaft, saddle bearing, head pulleys, saddle bearing bushing, jib lifting rope pulleys shaft);
- circuit of automatic lubrication of carrier;
- circuit of semi-automatic lubrication of roller circle axes (with grease gun).

The necessary option of the system configuration is agreed with the customer. The lubrication system availability gives the following benefits:

1. Lubrication of operating equipment directly in course of excavator operation.
2. Monitoring of lubrication frequency is carried out on an automatic basis.
3. So-called “human factor” affect is mitigated.
4. Maintenance works duration is reduced.
5. Hard-to-reach units maintenance, e.g. the one of jib head pulleys, is facilitated.
6. Diagnostics system allows control the condition of lubricating equipment.
7. Usage of the up-to date lubricating equipment manufactured by such foreign companies as “LINCOLN”, “Beka”, “SKF”, “Graco”, “Fluid” ensures performance of the ACL system at lower ambient temperatures.
8. Saving lubricants (approx. 25 to 40%).

Taking into consideration that during operation generally the organisational level of maintenance services is not the highest, all listed above allows increasing operation life of specific units and excavator itself significantly.

Flexibility of the approach to automation of the lubrication process allows selecting more cheap design of equipment and removing from the ACL system required circuits during kitting (retrofitting) of excavators in order to reduce the system cost under the request of the customer.